The Seven-Day Weekend: Changing the Way Work Works

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Question everything about your company (3x why)


Get rid of command-and-control management style: treat employees as adults


Let the employees decide when, where and for whom to work (as teams and individuals)


Let them choose their own salary (known to everyone in the company) - Predicated on completely transparent company finances


Let them choose what meetings they go to


Instead of defining the business (as a founder), let your employees shape it with their talents, efforts, interests, and initiatives.


Get rid of:


structure and org chart


business plan, company strategy, and mission statement


(most) executive positions


standards, practices, reports, expense accounts, and other employee monitoring


profit and growth as the only success metrics


Instead, let democracy rule. This means:


Give people room to explore their talents and interests, and they will merge their personal aspirations with the company’s goal (both of which will bend to merge together).


employees can veto anything from a new hire to product ideas / business ventures - key measurement for employee interest in any new initiative is attendance of the meeting/interview/etc.




This kind of company (especially the part about profit not being the only consideration) does not play well with Wall Street: it’s better to hold it private

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