Courage: The Backbone of Leadership Summary

The SQUEEZE: Capturing and evaluating measurable behaviors has become a popular corporate strategy. In “Courage: The Backbone of Leadership,” Gus Lee explains the essence of leadership, using stories and case studies from popular companies such as Whirlpool, Kaiser Permanente, World Com, and IntegWare. Lee centers the discussion on those successful executives who have learned how to face their fears and overcome them using “moral intelligence.” Lee offers practical tips for recognizing and resolving unethical practices. He teaches the executive how to assess unethical practices using the barometers of rightness and integrity. He also includes within the discussion suggestions for how to address moral failure and how to follow-up with direct action, which includes dialogue. Gus Lee’s “Courage” is a practical and informative read.

Notable Endorsement: “When it comes to leadership, Gus Lee has walked the walk and talked the talk.  Now in his latest book, he offers all of us who call ourselves leaders a primer on how to gain and maintain in ourselves and our organizations that critical element that makes the difference--courage!"—H. Norman Schwarzkopf, General, U.S. Army, Retired

Common Q’s Answered by this Book:

  • What are the six examples of “concerns and fears?”
  • What percentage of organizational success depends upon communication and interpersonal skills?
  • What are examples of old behaviors? New behaviors?
  • What is the “one-to-one upswing”?
  • What is an example of a mathematical formula that calculates the reduction of relationships?


About the Author: Gus Lee is a best-selling author. Lee is also a nationally-recognized expert on the subject of leadership and ethics. Lee has been a lawyer, board member, and an adjunct instructor for the Center for Creative Leadership. Lee graduated from and a West Point graduate; he later served as a JAG attorney. Lee speaks to multiple organizations which include: the Smithsonian, Bank of America, the FBI, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and Whirlpool. Lee’s previous books include “China Boy,” “Honor and Duty,” “Tiger’s Tail,” and “No Physical Evidence.” For more information, visit: Dianne Elliot-Lee is an award-winning clinical nurse specialist. Elliot-Lee has provided the editorial direction for five of Gus Lee’s books.


Book Vitals:

Publisher: Jossey-Bass (March 2006)

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