Getting Started in Consulting Summary

The SQUEEZE: More people are beginning to take control of their own futures by leaving the stodgy corporate office and starting their own consultancy businesses. It is within this context that Alan Weiss discusses the growing field of consultancy in Getting Started in Consulting. Weiss’s book is an ideal resource for anyone, executive or not, who wants to start a consulting business that provides expert advice and practical guidance in any field. With this in mind, Weiss’s book represents a how-to-guide for the field. Through the book, Weiss provides information about how to finance your business, market your services, writing a winning proposal, meet legal requirements, set fees, and develop an accounting system. Weiss’s book also provides insight into how to leverage new technologies and create a budget. Getting Started in Consulting is a must-read for new entrepreneurs.

Notable Endorsement: I found this book to be a wealth of information about consulting, as well as easy to read. ”—Arthur McLean, Customer



Common Q’s Answered by this Book:

  • What are some ways of leveraging technology to increase business potential?
  • How does creating an internal accounting system contribute to success in the consulting arena?
  • Is creating a winning proposal or developing a sound marketing plan a major contributor to success?

About the Author: Alan Weiss is a consultant, speaker, and bestselling author. Through his firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., Weiss has consulted with such clients as Merck, Hewlett-Packard, GE, and Mercedes-Benz. A recent title of Weiss’s work includes Million Dollar Consulting. Weiss is a 2006 inductee into the Professional Speaking Hall of Fame and the concurrent recipient of the National Speakers Association Council of Peers Award of Excellence. Weiss represents the top one-percent of professional speakers in the world. For more information, visit: (blog) or (website).

Book Vitals:

  • Publisher: Wiley (March 2009)

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