Talent Management Summary

The SQUEEZE: Finding great talent in today’s competitive environments is not hard. However, keeping the talent is becoming increasingly difficult due to changes in the economy and business opportunities. Great talent can increase and/or decrease a company’s success. It is within this context that the Harvard Business Review staff provides insight into the importance of recognizing and maintaining great talent, which is vital to the overall health and prosperity of a company. In “Talent Management,” the review staff provides multiple articles on divergent subject areas. Some titles of chapters include: “Growing Talent as If Your Business Depended on It,” “Managing Middlescence,” and “Make Your Company a Talent Factory.” The review staff suggests that there should be a symbiotic relationship between managing talent and ensuring the prosperity of the company. It is a must-read that will help business leaders create a happy and motivated environment.


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Common Q’s Answered by this Book:

  • What is “middlescence”?
  • What are examples of how a company can grow talent?
  • How does great talent increase and decrease a company’s potential for business opportunities?
  • What is a “talent factory?”
  • How does great talent increase a company’s success?


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Book Vitals:

Publisher: Harvard Business School Press (March 2008)

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