The One Minute Manager Summary

Blanchard is at his best discussing One Minute Goal Setting - the idea is simple - we're all interested in clearly interested in what we are being held accountable for.  This need not be a difficult excercise.  In fact, it can be done in just one minute.  This approach means that everyone knows what is to be expected from them in one succint document that can readily be reviewed.

In addition to "One Minute Goal Setting" - Blanchard is also hot on "One Minute Praisings".  Praise early and praise often.  Be specific about what you liked about their work.  Connect their good deeds to the bigger picture for the organization.  Finally, demonstrate with a hand shake that you are personally committed to their success in the organization.  The spoken and unspoken aggregate effect of all of this is to encourage your team members to do more of it.

The opposite side of the coin, is the "One Minute Reprimand" - which essentially is exactly as the name implies.

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