Caesar's Guide for Innovators

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  • This book distills the essence of Caesar’s astonishing success as a general, politician and writer and applies those lessons to the enterprises of product development and entrepreneurship. This is done through an analysis of episodes taken from Caesar’s life, seeking those especially effective traits and behaviors that allowed him time and again to succeed in the face of daunting challenges.
  • Why Caesar? The successes of Caesar’s life simply have not been viewed through the lens of product development and entrepreneurship in this subject category. Most books for inventors have focused either on the “how to” details of inventing or on inspirational success stories. The author's approach has been to take the best of Caesar and translate it into the present through real world vignettes taken from his own twenty year career as a medical inventor.

Sample Chapter synopses

VI        Personal BrandingCaesar’s name became the most powerful brand in the world during his life and on into the imperial age of Rome. We look at how he used the written and spoken word to advance his name recognition and create the Caesar mystique. In the modern setting, branding can occur when one’s name is attached to a quality product. Several surgical instruments bearing the author's name have resulting in his “incidental” branding. 

VIII CircumstancesThe end game is played out in the battle for Gaul at Alesia. We see how though trapped between two numerically superior forces, Caesar and his men are able to overcome adverse circumstances through use of local resources, superior Roman engineering techniques, adept leadership and discipline. The author covers the development and eventual commercialization of a potentially ubiquitous medical device that started out as a Blistex cap using locally available resources.


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