Little Black Book of Entrepreneurship

{original squeezed contributor: josemaria}

The regrettable reasons to be an entrepreneur

  • To be unemployed
  • To hate your boss
  • To hate your company
  • To not be under the orders of anyone
  • To balance your personal and professional life
  • To have flexi-hours
  • To have more holydays
  • To earn more money
  • To recover the money and fortune of your family
  • To show how good you are to others
  • To show how good you are to yourself
  • To show how good you are to your fathers
  • To get rich quick
  • To help develop your city, county, country
  • To work in what you love, which will be imposible if you don't create your own company

Entrepreneur and firemen

What you need to travel to businessland

It's better to be alone

Who will go with you to hell?

Partners and pacts

Why will you fight with you partners

The idea doesn't matter

Why you should never start in a new sector?

The good banks

Never put all your eggs in the same basket

An acrobat will never be an entrepreneur

Sales enslave us,  profits free us

Entrepreneurs and Managers are cousins, not brothers

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