The Ultra-Professional Soulful Office - Lessons in Decor

Office decor is usually drab.  Drab furniture, eye popping lighting and boring prints of famous artwork all lead to that very corporate, boring feel in most workspaces.   The question then becomes, “How Can My Office Be Different?”

Not surprisingly, more and more upscale offices, restaurants, and boutique hotels are turning to saltwater aquariums to catch the attention of visitors eyes according to the New York Times.  Fancy aquariums impress. Fancy aquariums dazzle.  Fancy aquariums are endlessly interesting and thought provoking.

Aquariums can humanize any space, make space more natural in feel and provide soul to an otherwise soul-less space.  Be prepared to spend handsomely - equipment, fish and regular maintenance can cost up to several thousand dollars per year.  According to Ryan Nicklaus, one fish aficionado - “There’s such a serene quality to a tank that it really just calms the entire space.”

Even if you’re not in Manhattan or hedge-fund millionaire, you can still enjoy a marine aquarium.  Start by looking at high end saltwater aquarium kits from trusted Vendors.  Get some excellent reading material like Reef Secrets.  Armed with a great book and some affordable aquarium kit options - you’ll be ready to get started with an aquarium in your office.

Squeezed Tip courtesy of the leading supplier of Aquarium Lighting