A Guide to Effective Marketing

Every business needs a plan for attracting customers and selling products. Simply creating a marketing plan is simple, but creating an effective marketing plan requires some effort. Whether it’s getting more customers in the door or encouraging the customers you already have to buy more, the right marketing plan can get it done. An effective marketing plan takes into account who your customers are and how to reach them and makes sure they choose you over the competition.


Getting and Keeping Customers

Before you can do any effective marketing, you have to know who your customers are. While you can pay someone to figure this out for you, often you can figure it out yourself. What type of person do you envision using your product? Why? How?  Once you figure out who your customers are, you need to determine how to reach them and how to keep them.  Use these resources to not only figure out who your customers are, but how to attract new customers and provide excellent customer service to keep your current customers coming back.


Understanding the Competition

You may have a stellar business, but it is worth nothing if you cannot stay ahead of the competition. Knowing and understanding your competition will help you set pricing, identify potential customers and learn how to attract those customers by setting yourself apart so you can gain your fair share of the market. These resources will show you that it is not always about putting your competition out of business. Understanding your competition will help you find your specific niche and the best way to give your customers something they cannot get anywhere else.


Using the Internet

The Internet has become one of the newest tools in marketing. If you do not know how to market yourself online, you are missing a way to reach new customers and get your business name out there. With these resources, you will learn how to use the Internet, including your website and social media tools, to market your business effectively.

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